Carly Potz-Nielsen

Welcome! I am a Ph.D. student (ABD) at the University of Minnesota. I broadly study international political economy, with a focus on financial regulation and the way states use their power to regulate their internal markets to manipulate the flow of money around the world. The core argument underlying my primary research agenda is that countries are strategic in the way that they accept some forms of liberalization while rejecting others. My dissertation examines how some countries are able to use capital controls to push back against globalizing pressures while others are not. My secondary research agenda focuses on questions of measurement and quantitative political methodology. 

Current Research

Co-authored with Robert Ralston and Thomas R. Vargas

Recording Abuses: How the Editing Process Shapes our Understanding of Human Rights Abuses
Estimating State Preferences from International Investment Treaty Content

Co-authored with Florencia Montal and Jane Sumner

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