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Bagozzi, B. E., Brandt, P. T., Freeman, J. R., Holmes, J. S., Kim, A., Mendizabal, A. P., & Potz-Nielsen, C. (2018). The prevalence and severity of underreporting bias in machine-and human-coded data. Political Science Research and Methods, 1-9.

Montal, F., Potz-Nielsen, C., & Sumner, J. L. (2020). What states want: Estimating ideal points from international investment treaty content. Journal of Peace Research, 57(6), 679-691.

Working Papers

Controlling the `Real' Economy: Labor Preferences over Capital in the Productive Economy

Complements or Substitutes? The Dynamic Relationship between FDI and Trade

Signaling the Private Sector: Anti-Money Laundering Regulation and Foreign Investment

Investors By Any Other Name: A Reconceptualization of International Money Laundering, with Jane Sumner. 

Recording Abuses: How the Editing Process Shapes our Understanding of Human Rights Abuseswith Robert Ralston and Thomas R. Vargas. Working Paper available here.

Capital Mobility and Democratization: Exploring the Role of Foreign Elites with Thomas R. Vargas

Select Research Presentations

May 2019       Choosing Capital Controls, Upper Midwest International Relations Workshop

Jul 2018          Estimating Ideal Points from International Investment Treaty Content, 2018 Annual Meeting of the Society for     

                        Political Methodology


May 2018       Considering Capital Controls: The Role of Time and Past Experiences in Policy After Financial Crisis, Upper

                        Midwest International Relations Workshop


Apr 2018        Capital Mobility, Foreign Elites, and Democratization, 76th Annual MPSA Conference

Apr 2017        Human Rights Reports and the Organizations that Produce Them, 2017 75th Annual MPSA Conference

Feb 2017        Capital Mobility and Democratization: Exploring the Role of Foreign Elites, 2017 58th Annual International Studies                         Association Convention

Jul 2016         Measuring Information Effects in Human Rights Reports: Applying Machine-Coding and Latent Semantic Analytic      

                         Techniques to Develop Measures of Information over Time, 2016 Annual Meeting of the Society for Political Methodology

Jul 2015         Accounting for Strategic Interaction: An Application of Strategic Modeling to External State Support for Rebel Groups, 

                         2015 Annual Meeting of the Society for Political Methodology

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