About Me 

I am in my fifth year in the Ph.D. program in Political Science working with John Freeman and my third year in the Applied Economic Master's program under Terry Roe. 

My dissertation focuses on capital controls and the way political decisions determine the movement of money around the globe. More specifically, I am interested in how countries use capital controls to rebuke globalization and maintain their policy space. 

Research Interests

States Managing Globalization

How can states use their regulatory sovereignty to resist globalizing pressures? Are states the agents of globalization or the passengers? What determines the ability of states to successfully manage the global market?

Illlicit Financial Flows

How are they defined? The political nature of defining money laundering, tax evasion versus avoidance. What type of regulatory environment attracts it?

National Market Consequences of International Regulation Adoption

How are countries impacted through the adoption of externally decided 'best practices'? How can countries leverage their adoption or non-adoption to benefit their domestic market?

Questions of Measurement 

What information is relayed and what is lost when quantifying qualitative information? What is the relationship between our data and 'ground truth'? 

Substantive Focus 
Methodological Interests

Structured Models within a Bayesian Framework

Leveraging Bayesian statistics to account for structured relationships derived from formal theoretical models. 

Macroeconomic Modeling

Using macroeconomic models to simulate policy reactions to conditions of financial crisis. 



Texas A&M University 

Economics and Political Science, B.S.


University of Minnesota

Political Science, Doctoral Graduate Student

Applied Economics, Master's Graduate Student

University of Minnesota


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